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Introducing BibliOZ: Your Booksearch Wizard!     

BibliOZ is a magical online portal to millions of out-of-print and collectable books representing the stock of several thousand bookdealers around the world
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 If BibliOZ Cannot Conjure Up Your Book...

... then try BiblioQuest's Global Out Of Print Book Search Service. It uses both sophisticated computer database matching and traditional book search techniques to access an even larger network of booksellers than BibliOZ. Our librarians and trained booksearch specialists can locate books on any subject, whether they be antiquarian or only recently out of print. Complete the details of the book(s) you require on the request form. If our search is successful, BQI provides a written quote. This quote is inclusive of all costs and is without obligation. You do not have to purchase any book we may find on your behalf. If you do proceed with purchase, BQI arranges for delivery direct to your address.
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